Blackmores Institute research

The science of natural medicine

Blackmores Institute supports scientifically rigorous research that improves the understanding of health professionals and the community on the role of complementary medicine in advancing public health. Our research team is led by Dr Lesley Braun and Vladimir Stajicand investigates novel ingredient development, discovery and innovation, and legacy projects.

Building capacity and expertise

Blackmores Institute supports the development of future leaders in the field of complementary medicine through research, academic and practice grants, scholarships and internships.



Advancing the knowledge base

Blackmores Institute partners with leading international academic institutions, research bodies and raw materials suppliers to strengthen the evidence-base of natural medicine and bring evidence-informed innovations to market.

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Academic & practice grants

We support the development of future leaders.


Research charter

Learn more about our ethical, safe and robust research methodologies.


Research projects

We support scientifically rigorous CM research.



We partner with leading academic institutions.