Research projects

Blackmores Institute is committed to supporting scientifically rigorous research that improves health professional and community understanding of the role for complementary medicine in advancing public health. Overseen by the Blackmores Institute Research Council, the strategy is to focus on research that will improve the knowledge base of complementary medicine in three key areas: novel ingredient development, discovery and innovation, and legacy.

Current research projects include:

Longevity intervention

Blackmores Institute is involved in the Australian Research Council Longevity Intervention (ARCLI) study run through Swinburne University’s Centre for Neuropsychology. Running over 5+ years, the study is examining the areas of cognition, cardiovascular health, inflammation and ageing (telomeres) in healthy older persons aged 65-85 years.

Blackmores Exec B & work related stress

This trial is examining the impact of Blackmores Executive B on work-related stress. This study has been run over two sites – one in Melbourne at Swinburne University and another in Lismore at Southern Cross University.

Seed Funding

Blackmores Institute also provides seed funding to Swinburne University for two smaller, innovative projects. One related to the gut microbiome and the other on cognitive health.

Fish Oil & Curcumin

A new trial to start this year will look at the combination of fish oil and a proprietary curcumin extract on cognitive function and cardiovascular health in a group of middle-aged men and women.