Complementary medicine interaction guide

Interactions Guide

Complementary Medicine are widely used by consumers

For the most part, complementary medicines can be used alongside conventional treatments. However, in some cases complementary medicines may interact with medications to reduce, or sometimes increase, the effect of one or the other, or to cause potential harmful effects.

Peer-reviewed comprehensive interaction reference

Blackmores Institute’s complementary medicine interactions guide (CMIG) is a concise and comprehensive reference resource for information on potential interactions between CM and pharmaceutical medications.

The 10th edition of the CMIG has been reviewed and updated by an expert university panel* and covers 75 complementary medicine (CM) ingredients (including 15 new CM ingredients such as Valerian and Bromelain), 141 new interactions and 430 new supporting articles.

Easy-to-access, ideal for the clinical setting

The CMIG is free for Blackmores Institute members, easy to navigate and available online or can be downloaded. Now in its 15th year of the tool can assist health professionals recommend high quality, well-tolerated natural products safely. The interactions guide draws from over 1,000 references. Some of the most popular searches are for the ingredients St John’s wort, andrographis and CoQ10.

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*Blackmores Institute is grateful to the University of Sydney School of Pharmacy for their role in reviewing the evidence and contribution to this updated guide.