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Zinc & pneumococcal infection
25 September 2019

Zinc: antimicrobial against pneumococcal infection

New research finds that dietary zinc deficiency influences susceptibility to pneumococcal infection after finding zinc acts as a direct antimicrobial against Streptococcus pneumoniae.

Omega ratios, cognition and epilepsy
24 September 2019

Omega ratios, cognition and epilepsy

Impaired cognitive function in children with epilepsy may be associated with abnormal ratios of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, a new study reports.

Plant protein reduces total mortality risk
16 September 2019

Plant protein reduces total mortality risk

Results of a new large-scale study published in JAMA Internal Medicine show an association between plant protein intake and lower total, cancer-related and cardiovascular disease related mortality.

Nutritional supplements for mental health
11 September 2019

World’s largest evidence review: nutritional supplements for mental health

The world’s largest review of top-tier evidence into the efficacy and safety of nutrient supplements in the treatment of mental health conditions has identified several nutrients proven to assist in ...

Hesperidin beneficial in NAFLD
10 September 2019

Hesperidin beneficial in NAFLD

People trying to manage non-alcoholic fatty liver disease through lifestyle modifications may find benefit from including hesperidin supplements according to research published in journal, Phytotherapy Research.

Magnesium & muscle integrity
09 September 2019

Magnesium reduces muscle damage

New research finds that magnesium plays a role in maintaining muscle integrity during demanding effort, and suggests that recommended daily doses of magnesium may be insufficient for athletes.

High-Dose Vitamin D Supplementation During Pregnancy With the Risk of Enamel Defects
04 September 2019

Prenatal vitamin D prevents enamel defects

Enamel defects are fast becoming a global public health challenge, affecting more than 30 percent of school children and reducing quality of life, however new research finds they may be ...

Effects of vitamin D on insulin sensitivity and secretion
03 September 2019

High-dose vitamin D improves insulin sensitivity

High-dose vitamin D supplementation may improve insulin sensitivity providing additional options to the management of diabetes a new study reports.