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link between low vitamin D levels and increased belly fat
16 August 2018

Larger waistline? Check for vitamin D deficiency

A recent study presented at the 2018 European Centre for Endocrinology annual meeting has found a link between low vitamin D levels and increased belly fat.

Rebecca Reid
16 August 2018

Rebecca Reid - UTS:ARCCIM research fellow shares her insights

Blackmores Institute is proud to introduce Rebecca Reid, research fellow of the International Naturopathy Research Leadership Program run by UTS:ARCCIM and supported by Blackmores Institute and the Jacka Foundation.

Patterns of plant and animal protein intake
15 August 2018

Plant proteins linked to healthier heart

A healthy diet deriving its proteins from nuts and seeds has been associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular mortality than a diet high in proteins sourced from meat, the ...

Seafood and PUFA for infant development.
14 August 2018

Omega-3 for visual development

Forget the carrots, fish oil could be key to good eyesight, according to a recently published meta-analysis in the American Society for Nutrition’s, Journal of Nutrition.

13 August 2018

Breast is best – tips for encouraging breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the foundation of lifelong good health for babies and has significant health benefits for mothers. Primary healthcare professionals, whether in a clinic or in the pharmacy, are well ...

physical activity associated with reducing depression
08 August 2018

Physical activity reduces incident depression

Regardless of age, sex and geographical region, higher levels of physical activity are consistently associated with a lower odds of developing depression, a new meta-analysis has reported in the American ...

07 August 2018

Magnesium link to neurological disorders

Implicated in the potential prevention and treatment of numerous neurological disorders magnesium has gathered substantial interest. A review published in Nutrients has proposed there is strong data to suggest a ...

Algae combats UV-related skin damage
06 August 2018

Algae combats UV-related skin damage

A compound derived from algae may be protective against harmful ultra-violet radiation new research from Japan has shown.