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25 January 2023

Quercetin: safe and effective for hay fever

A close look at histamine and the role of quercetin, for the safe treatment and management of allergy-based airway disease and hay fever.

Cell membrane
21 December 2022

Liposomes - an efficient delivery system for targeted nutrient therapy

Liposomes offer an excellent nutrient-delivery system, by-passing the digestive system to ensure delivery throughout the body. This article looks at the benefits of liposomes for nutrient therapy.

COVID virus molecule
07 December 2022

Scientists identify predictors for severe COVID

We review the latest research identifying specific blood analytes as predictors for severe COVID in patients.

Running feet towards the sunset
23 November 2022

Magnesium - supercharging strength and resilience

We focus on the prevalence of magnesium deficiency and look to its benefits for the prevention of stress and to support exercise recovery and performance.

Box of leafy vegetables with red vegetables
09 November 2022

Nutrients for eye health: Meet the carotenoids

A close look at the research to support the use of carotenoids - in particular lutein and zeaxanthin - for eye health.

Child looking at blue light wearing blue glasses
12 October 2022

Blue light impact on eye health

A report on the negative impacts of blue light exposure to eye health including melatonin production and sleep.

Man in suit sitting against wall with hand on head looking at text referring to vitamin B6 supplementation for anxiety and depression
28 September 2022

Vitamin B6 for the reduction of depression and anxiety

A report on recent research into the use of vitamin B6 supplementation for the management of anxiety and depression and the role of vitamin B6 in GABA production.

Lady with dark hair rubbing her eye and lifting her glasses
14 September 2022

Digital eyestrain in a world of pervasive screen use

The use of visual digital terminals, or screens, can result in digital eye strain presenting with a myriad of ocular and non-ocular symptoms, a problem that is impacting people of ...