About Us

Blackmores Institute is the academic and professional arm of Blackmores Limited, established to support and drive an evidence-based approach to natural medicine.

The Institute’s focus is on research and education; our primary purpose is to improve the quality use of natural medicine through the translation of the evidence base into practical healthcare education, resources and advisory services.

For more information please refer to the Blackmores Institute Review.


Lesley Braun 2016

Dr Lesley Braun, Group Director, Blackmores Institute

Director of the Blackmores Institute and Adjunct Senior Research fellow at Monash/Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, Associate Professor at the National Institute of Complementary Medicine Western Sydney University, Lesley is a pharmacy graduate from Monash University and a qualified naturopath.

She is a member of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Advisory Council which advises the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA),  Executive committee for the Complementary and Integrative Medicine interest group for the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia (COSA), Advisory Committee for the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA), member of the International Society for Complementary Medicine Research and several working groups for the National Institute for Complementary Medicine (NICM).


Pam Stone 2016

Pam Stone, Director, Educational Partnerships

Pam joined Blackmores in 1987, having found a company that shared her naturopathic values and vision, and that was driven by integrity and purpose to make people healthier. Her career with the company has spanned the Advisory, Public Relations and Education areas and she has lectured extensively to health professionals in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Her role now includes managing educational partnerships as part of the Blackmores Institute vision to facilitate delivery of quality and accessible Complementary Medicine education to healthcare professionals. A naturopath for over 30 years, she sees that education is key to enabling healthcare professionals to effectively integrate complementary medicine into patient care.


Vladimir Stajic, Head of Research and Technical Affairs

Vlad has a strong research and technical background, from holding an overseas post-graduation degree in the field of Applied Chemistry to working in petroleum, forensic, biotechnology, animal and human pharmaceutical and complementary medicine industry. Vlad’s research experience ranges from the novel delivery forms, immunoassays and new laboratory methods, inflammation, hormonal interventions, antibiotics, prodrugs, complementary medicine… all tied up from the primary research, clinical trials, raw material manufacturing and technology transfer, intellectual property, patent protection and enforcement to the post commercialization product support. His role with the BI is to identify, establish and maintain the research program, including strong partnerships with innovative healthcare providers.


Tiffany Elvy

Tiffany Elvy, Senior Communications and Content Manager

Tiffany is a communications professional with a passion for natural health and more than 15 years experience supporting the fields of health, nutrition, sport, and wellbeing. 

As communications manager, Tiffany works with Blackmores Institute’s team to develop credible, evidence-based natural health information to share with the wider community of healthcare professionals and researchers. This includes major education events, such as the Blackmores Institute Symposium, media relations and liaison with research bodies and partners, including the National Institute of Complementary Medicine, Macular Disease Foundation and Heart Research Institute.


Gill McEwen

Gill McEwen, National Education Manager 

Gill has extensive commercial and education experience in the pharmaceutical, accounting and governance arenas.  
She has successfully led teams of specialist educators, OTC pharmacy representatives, and education specialists.  During this time, she launched two award-winning eLearning platforms.
More recently Gill has worked with member-based organisations building learning frameworks and pathways, online learning platforms and professional development events. 
Gill recently joined Blackmores Institute and looks forward to bringing her knowledge and skills into the world of complementary medicine and really making a difference for Pharmacy Staff and HCPs.