Complementary Medicine Interactions Guide

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Vitamin D deficiency and cognitive decline
18 April 2019

Vitamin D deficiency and cognitive decline

With approximately 1 billion people worldwide deficient in vitamin D authors of a new review on its role in cognitive function are calling for more research to be undertaken in ...

Mediterranean diet – the key to happy teenagers
17 April 2019

Mediterranean diet – the key to happy teenagers?

The key to having a happy teenager may lie in eating a Mediterranean diet according to Spanish researchers.

Women using more complementary medicines
16 April 2019

CM use increasing across generations of Australian women

New research has found that young Australian women from the Millennial generation are utilising complementary medicines more than those from Generation X and in a different way - indicating changing ...

Complementary medicine interactions guide
15 April 2019

Blackmores Institute launches new Interactions Guide

A recent review of vitamin K, in particular the differences between vitamin K1 and K2 has urged national and international regulatory organisations to reconsider the current classification of vitamin K ...

Online courses

Introduction to Complementary Medicine

Introduction to Complementary Medicine

As the use of complementary medicines continues to rise, it is vital that primary healthcare providers are informed about the evidence, efficacy, safety and quality of these substances.


Vitamins in health and disease

Vitamins are essential micronutrients that our bodies require for a variety of metabolic processes. They are necessary for normal function but what are their clinical indications for health and disease?


Minerals in health and disease

Minerals are inorganic compounds that are essential for health and wellbeing. They have wide-ranging functions in the body covering both structural and functional areas.


Safety of Complementary Medicine

The growing use of complementary medicine highlights the need for guidelines on the safe and appropriate use of these medicines.