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28 July 2020

Lifestyle choices lower dementia risk

Research finds that the risk of Alzheimer’s disease is substantially lowered by adopting more than one healthy lifestyle behaviour.

20 July 2020

Probiotic reduces crying time in infantile colic

Treatment with Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG reduces crying time in infantile colic

17 July 2020

Low folate = higher BMI

New research finds lower folate levels are linked to greater body weight and adiposity.

15 July 2020

Curcumin improves fatigue and memory

Curcumin supplement found to improve fatigue and memory in older adults

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Introduction to Complementary Medicine

CMEd Certification

CMEd Certification, our specialised program for Pharmacists is Group 2 CPD accredited. Focused on evidence-informed CM ingredients, common health conditions, and delivering integrative care.

Immune health and trends to inform future pharmacy practice - upcoming virtual event

Blackmores Institute Education

This interactive, online only event will look at Integrating nutritional and lifestyle strategies with macro-trends and shopper insights to support pharmacy practice in the ‘new-normal’.

Introduction to Complementary Medicine

Condition fact sheets

Our condition fact sheets contain evidence-based recommendations for managing common conditions with complementary medicines.

Introduction to Complementary Medicine

Ingredient fact sheets

Learn how to use key complementary medicine ingredients, recommended doses, and how they work to treat various health conditions.