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The Sleep Dilemma: Understanding Insomnia
18 September 2023

Understanding insomnia and the role of complementary medicines

Sleep plays a vital role in good health. In fact, we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. This important biological function helps the body with physical and mental recovery ...

Natural sleep support
04 September 2023

Good sleep practices: What's helpful vs harmful

In an attempt to get to sleep, 23% of the Australian population are dependent on prescription sleep medications and 14% on melatonin. Around 60% of people with sleeping disorders use ...

Daily multivitamin improved global cognition
21 August 2023

Daily multivitamin improved global cognition

As the second leading cause of death in Australia and one of the major causes of disability and dependency among older people globally, dementia is a public health priority. There ...

08 August 2023

Practice guidelines for prescribing magnesium

There is no denying that magnesium is a popular dietary supplement, with millions of products sold annually in Australia. Insights from our recent Pharmacy Advisory Board meeting reveal that magnesium ...

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Immunity Guide

Immunity Guide

Based on the mechanisms of action of viruses, Blackmores Institute has developed six key criteria to identify the most important nutrients and ingredients for immune system health.

Introduction to Complementary Medicine

Immune Whitepaper

Learn about herbal medicines and supplements to support immune function, and the prevention and treatment of respiratory tract infections.

Introduction to Complementary Medicine

Condition fact sheets

Our condition fact sheets contain evidence-based recommendations for managing common conditions with complementary medicines.

Introduction to Complementary Medicine

Ingredient fact sheets

Learn how to use key complementary medicine ingredients, recommended doses, and how they work to treat various health conditions.