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Migraine Pain
17 May 2022

Natural medicine management of migraine, tension-type headache, and headache pain

Rounding out our series on pain we are look at the use of natural and complementary therapies for the treatment and prevention of migraine, tension-type headache, or headache pain.

Teenagers may be the missing link in reducing future heart disease statistics
04 May 2022

Teenagers may be the missing link in reducing future heart disease statistics

Reports of recent heart attacks in well-known individuals, and fears that thousands of Australians may have missed heart checks during the pandemic, has prompted discussion and increased public health messaging ...

 joint pain
27 April 2022

Complementary medicines to support the long-term relief of joint and musculoskeletal pain

With one in seven Australians experiencing some form of arthritis, alternatives for the safe and effective treatment of joint pain are essential to reduce steroid and analgesic reliance and to ...

Vitamin D for the treatment of chronic pain
12 April 2022

Vitamin D for the treatment of chronic pain

Continuing our series on pain relief, we turn to natural or complementary health options for the relief of acute and chronic pain as an alternative to opioids and other pharmaceutical ...

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Immunity Guide

Immunity Guide

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Introduction to Complementary Medicine

Immune Whitepaper

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Introduction to Complementary Medicine

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Our condition fact sheets contain evidence-based recommendations for managing common conditions with complementary medicines.

Introduction to Complementary Medicine

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Learn how to use key complementary medicine ingredients, recommended doses, and how they work to treat various health conditions.