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Probiotics Can Reduce Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
09 April 2024

Probiotics' Role in Reducing Upper Respiratory Infections

Upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs), such as the common cold, are the primary cause of illness annually, with adults experiencing approximately 2-4 colds per year, and children between 5-10 colds. ...

B Complex for Stress
26 March 2024

B Complex Vitamins | Fundamental Prescribing for Stress Management

Dietary deficiencies in B group vitamins have been implicated in altered mood states, including work stress and psychiatric symptoms, in otherwise healthy individuals. Clinical evidence indicates that supplementation with high-dose ...

Magnesium Boosts Brain Health
11 March 2024

Magnesium may reduce dementia risk

Research has clearly demonstrated the wide-reaching therapeutic role of magnesium in supporting a range of body systems.1 Magnesium is involved in over 300 biochemical enzymes and has many physiological functions, ...

Long COVID | Predications for Risk
27 February 2024

Long COVID | Predications for Risk

Millions of people globally are impacted by long COVID, a complex, multi-system condition. Characterised by either new or ongoing symptoms which last beyond 12 weeks of initially contracting COVID-19, long ...

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Immunity Guide

Immunity Guide

Based on the mechanisms of action of viruses, Blackmores Institute has developed six key criteria to identify the most important nutrients and ingredients for immune system health.

Introduction to Complementary Medicine

Immune Whitepaper

Learn about herbal medicines and supplements to support immune function, and the prevention and treatment of respiratory tract infections.

Introduction to Complementary Medicine

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Our condition fact sheets contain evidence-based recommendations for managing common conditions with complementary medicines.

Introduction to Complementary Medicine

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Learn how to use key complementary medicine ingredients, recommended doses, and how they work to treat various health conditions.