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Obesity role in deterioration of the brain
19 February 2019

Obesity and brain structure – a grey area

Obesity could be affecting more than just your heart with new research from the UK indicating that obesity could be playing a role in deterioration of the brain.

Back to school health
14 February 2019

“Back to school” health for kids

As our calendars flip from January to February, the festive season is now well behind us and most people are returning to their normal routines. For those with families this ...

Valerian good for brain
13 February 2019

Valerian alters brain connectivity

Taking valerian to relieve insomnia and anxiety may produce long-lasting changes in brain connectivity, according to new research.

Carbohydrate quality health
12 February 2019

Carb quality = better health outcomes

Carbohydrate choices in the diet may have a direct relationship to the development, or prevention of several non-communicable diseases according to results of a meta-analysis published in The Lancet.

Online courses

Introduction to Complementary Medicine

Introduction to Complementary Medicine

As the use of complementary medicines continues to rise, it is vital that primary healthcare providers are informed about the evidence, efficacy, safety and quality of these substances.


Vitamins in health and disease

Vitamins are essential micronutrients that our bodies require for a variety of metabolic processes. They are necessary for normal function but what are their clinical indications for health and disease?


Minerals in health and disease

Minerals are inorganic compounds that are essential for health and wellbeing. They have wide-ranging functions in the body covering both structural and functional areas.


Safety of Complementary Medicine

The growing use of complementary medicine highlights the need for guidelines on the safe and appropriate use of these medicines.