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Garlic for knee osteoarthritis
24 October 2018

Knee osteoarthritis – could garlic be key to pain relief?

Garlic has been purported to have a variety of health benefits over the years and a new study may have just added one more to the list.

Genistein improves insulin resistance
23 October 2018

Genistein improves insulin resistance

Including tofu in your diet may improve metabolic and inflammatory disorders with a new study showing improvement in oxidative and inflammatory markers in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease following supplementation with ...

Mediterranean diet reduces AMD risk
22 October 2018

Mediterranean diet reduces AMD risk

Evidence that the Mediterranean diet can prevent age-related macular degeneration continues to grow with the publishing of yet another study on the benefits of this diet.

Man with allergies sneezing
22 October 2018

Spring Health - allergies and hayfever

As the season changes and the weather starts to warm up, the health queries we receive from our patients and customers start to shift.

Online courses

Introduction to Complementary Medicine

Introduction to Complementary Medicine

As the use of complementary medicines continues to rise, it is vital that primary healthcare providers are informed about the evidence, efficacy, safety and quality of these substances.


Vitamins in health and disease

Vitamins are essential micronutrients that our bodies require for a variety of metabolic processes. They are necessary for normal function but what are their clinical indications for health and disease?


Minerals in health and disease

Minerals are inorganic compounds that are essential for health and wellbeing. They have wide-ranging functions in the body covering both structural and functional areas.


Safety of Complementary Medicine

The growing use of complementary medicine highlights the need for guidelines on the safe and appropriate use of these medicines.