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Vitamin C improves cognitive function
20 August 2019

Vitamin C improves cognitive function

New Australian research has found that maintaining adequate levels of vitamin C could be a low cost measure to improve cognitive function.

Can Vitamin A help skin cancer?
16 August 2019

Vitamin A lowers squamous cell carcinoma risk

New research showing vitamin A can lower risk of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma may be of particular interest in Australia which has one of the highest incidences of squamous cell ...

 omega-3 and plant sterols regulate glucose and lipid metabolism
15 August 2019

Omega-3 and plant sterols for glucose regulation

A new study out of China reports first-of-its-kind results with omega-3 and plant sterols in people with impaired glucose regulation.

Curcumin extract improves neurocognitive function and mood
14 August 2019

Curcumin extract improves neurocognitive function

New Australian researcher has found significant improvement in neurocognitive function and mood in healthy older people following treatment with a specialised curcumin extract.

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