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Tsinghua University in partnership with Blackmores Institute has released a new Green paper
05 December 2019

Mental Wellbeing of Chinese Career Women Green paper highlights a serious but ‘invisible’ issue

Tsinghua University in partnership with Blackmores Institute has released a new Green paper titled: 'Mental Wellbeing of Chinese Career Women'.

Omega-3 for cardiovascular health
04 December 2019

Omega-3 – high doses found to be anti-atherosclerotic

A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised clinical trials has found that the anti-atherosclerotic effect of high-dose omega-3s is a potential mechanism behind the reduced cardiovascular outcomes demonstrated in the ...

Fiber intake predicts dietary adherence
03 December 2019

Fibre key to weight loss

Fibre may be the key to sticking with your calorie-restricted diet and losing weight according to new research published in The Journal of Nutrition.

B5 for wound healing
02 December 2019

Vitamin B5 – key roles in wound management

Vitamin B5 may play a key role in wound management, new research finds due to its dual roles in the healing process and immune system function.

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CMEd Certification, our specialised program for Pharmacists is Group 2 CPD accredited. Focused on evidence-informed CM ingredients, common health conditions, and delivering integrative care.

Introduction to Complementary Medicine

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Introduction to Complementary Medicine

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Introduction to Complementary Medicine

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