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Saffron for sleep quality
15 December 2021

Sleep better and for longer – new indications confirmed for the mood supporting herb saffron

Recent research reveals multiple benefits for saffron on sleep quality, duration and quality of life scores.

01 December 2021

Wound healing and skin ageing – the growing evidence for collagen supplementation

Collagen supplements are widely marketed for improving skin health and integrity, while reducing the visible signs of ageing. However, until recently peer-reviewed literature has been lacking to substantiate the clinical ...

The Mental Wellbeing Spiral
17 November 2021

The Mental Wellbeing Spiral

Motivated by the overwhelming issues around mental health - alongside the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Lesley Braun has developed a model of care to help address this issue. ...

Vitamin K with calcium may improve bone mass density
10 November 2021

Combining vitamin K with calcium may be key to improving bone mass density

Bone-related diseases are a major public health issue, with around 924,000 of Australians (or 3.8% of the population) suffering from osteoporosis. As life expectancy increases, so does this disease, with ...

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Introduction to Complementary Medicine

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Introduction to Complementary Medicine

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