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Man in suit sitting against wall with hand on head looking at text referring to vitamin B6 supplementation for anxiety and depression
14 September 2022

Vitamin B6 for the reduction of depression and anxiety

A report on recent research into the use of vitamin B6 supplementation for the management of anxiety and depression and the role of vitamin B6 in GABA production.

Lady with dark hair rubbing her eye and lifting her glasses
14 September 2022

Digital eyestrain in a world of pervasive screen use

The use of visual digital terminals, or screens, can result in digital eye strain presenting with a myriad of ocular and non-ocular symptoms, a problem that is impacting people of ...

Hands working on a jigsaw puzzle of the brain
23 August 2022

Can antioxidants reduce the risk of dementia?

Antioxidants have been studied for their benefits in cognitive health and dementia prevention as a means of minimising the modifiable risk factors associated with dementia.

Two elbows bumping while social distancing
17 August 2022

Social distancing, hygiene protocols and the potential impact on future health

Social distancing, hygiene protocols including hand sanitiser, antimicrobial and antibacterial products may have an impact on the health of the microbiome and immunity.

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Immunity Guide

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Introduction to Complementary Medicine

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Introduction to Complementary Medicine

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