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Epithelial cells within the gastrointestinal tract
08 February 2023

Gastrointestinal signs of long COVID - a potential key to treatment

As we learn about the longer implications of COVID-19 viral infection, longer term gastrointestinal symptoms may offer insight into the virus' behaviour, supporting diagnosis and treatment.

25 January 2023

Quercetin: safe and effective for hay fever

A close look at histamine and the role of quercetin, for the safe treatment and management of allergy-based airway disease and hay fever.

Cell membrane
21 December 2022

Liposomes - an efficient delivery system for targeted nutrient therapy

Liposomes offer an excellent nutrient-delivery system, by-passing the digestive system to ensure delivery throughout the body. This article looks at the benefits of liposomes for nutrient therapy.

COVID virus molecule
07 December 2022

Scientists identify predictors for severe COVID

We review the latest research identifying specific blood analytes as predictors for severe COVID in patients.

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Immunity Guide

Immunity Guide

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Introduction to Complementary Medicine

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Introduction to Complementary Medicine

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