Research charter


Blackmores Institute’s first consideration in clinical research is the safety and welfare of all research participants.

Approval by human research ethics committees is expected for all relevant studies.

Blackmores Institute will support generic, non-commercial clinical research that has the potential to contribute to the wellbeing of the public.

Blackmores Institute upholds the rights of the researcher to publish the outcomes of clinical research as agreed.


Blackmores Institute sponsored clinical research will be adequately funded to provide the best opportunity to reach a clinically meaningful outcome in a timely fashion.

Blackmores Institute will not undertake data entry or analysis of projects undertaken by external parties. It is expected researchers will do this to protect the integrity of the study.


Blackmores Institute supports and fosters the nutrition, herbal and complementary medicine research community, to help ensure the long-term future of research and development.

Blackmores Institute sponsored research will be conducted to standards appropriate to the scope and nature of the research in question. At all times, the safety and welfare of any participants will be paramount.


Blackmores Institute will communicate the results of any research in an appropriate manner consistent with the principles of the research organisation and its researchers, as well as any legal and ethical principles held internally by Blackmores Institute.


Blackmores Institute involvement with clinical research is to further the health and wellbeing of the public by supporting studies that will have the potential to result in clinically effective and low risk treatments.