Insights from an Intern

As part of our commitment to sharing knowledge and improving the use of complementary medicines, each year Blackmores Institute opens its doors to host pharmacy interns.

These project-based placements see our international pharmacy students work with our educators and researchers, gaining knowledge and experience in research, education and product development and learning how complementary medicine fits within an integrative approach to healthcare.  

This year Blackmores Institute hosted two pharmacy students from Rangsit University.

Benyapa (Benyah) Prime, a sixth-year student of the Doctor of Pharmacy Program in Industrial Pharmacy at Rangsit University took time before she departed to share her reflections on her time in Australia with us.

What did you learn from your internship
It was fabulous to be an intern with Blackmores and I learned a lot. Firstly, I completed the Blackmores Institute CMEd program online where I can improve my knowledge of Complementary Medicines.

I agree with Blackmores that educated Pharmacists are in the best position to directly advise consumers and help them understand the efficacy, and safety profile of complementary medicines. Many kinds of research have been focused on their effects, but each CM has own proper dosage and the correct way of usage.

As a budding pharmacist, why do think complementary medicine is important?
People are always concerned about their health and looking for ways to live better. Busy lifestyles make it difficult to eat well so many people lack some nutrients and their bodies do not perform like before. Complementary medicine has become an option that could help them maintain a healthy life.

I, as a pharmaceutical student aim to be the one who can provide proper information, or moreover be a part of inventing a new solution to help others live better.

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