The Sleep Dilemma: Understanding Insomnia

Understanding insomnia and the role of complementary medicines

Sleep plays a vital role in good health. In fact, we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. This important biological function helps the body with physical and mental recovery and repair, supports immune system function and contributes to our energy and vitality.

Caffeine, room temperature, noises and bright lights are all common factors that could keep us awake at night. Developing good sleep habits, to help rest and recharge is important. But in our modern-day hectic life, our busy mind is often the most common roadblock to falling asleep.

Have your patients reported: “I just can’t turn my brain off at night”. You may want to consider sleep aids with herbs and essential nutrients to help relax the mind, reduce time to fall asleep and relieve disturbed sleep. Distinguishing between falling asleep and staying asleep is essential for understanding sleep quality and identifying interventions for individuals with insomnia.

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