The leaders of the future BI intern program

Blackmores Institute is proud to open its doors to students seeking experience and insight into CM and its role in the whole health solution. Through project-based placements, interns consolidate their knowledge of practice and the broader health-care system and use problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to contribute to the practice-setting in a tangible way.  We are proud to currently be hosting four international pharmacy students for six-week placements, through our partnerships with the University of Hawaii and Rangsit University Thailand.  Sitting within Blackmores Institute, these interns work with our educators and researchers, to gain knowledge and experience in research, education and product development and how complementary medicine fits within an integrative approach to healthcare, skills they aim to take back to benefit their own local pharmacy practice.    Dejwut Teachanitiswad and Kitti Klavikorn, from Rangsit University, are undertaking this internship as part of the requirements for their Pharmaceutic Science Clerkship in Herbal Research and Development.  Kelsy Kam and Katrina Kutter, from the University of Hawaii, are completing the placement as part of their Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) Elective: International.    Kelsy Kam was interested in the placement with Blackmores to “get the best information about complementary medicine from Australia’s most trusted brand.”    She stated “By doing this internship, I hope to better understand the variety of complementary medicines that are available. I also hope to better understand the different ingredient interactions with prescription medications.”    Kam appreciates the beliefs that Blackmores Institute upholds and that she will now be able to return to the States with valuable practical knowledge.   “Looking at people with a naturopathic approach and understanding their stress levels, diet, exercise, sleep, and mood are all very important factors that I, as a future pharmacist, really want to take home and incorporate into my own practice,” said Kam.  The Blackmores Institute is pleased to have the opportunity to reach our international partners who share our commitment to advancing the knowledge and research on complementary medicine.  This exchange supports our shared aim to enable international experiences for pharmacy students for mutual enrichment and value to pharmacy practice.   

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