Omega 3 and prostate cancer link where is the evidence

Recent media coverage linking consumption of omega-3 fatty acids to an increased risk of prostate cancer has caused widespread concern, and while more research is needed to make sense of the link, the balance of available evidence suggests concerns may be premature. According to Blackmores Institute Research Director Chris Oliver: “For this particular study there appears to be no link between intake of fatty fish or fish oil supplements and risk of prostate cancer, mainly because this was not measured. Therefore we are uncertain as to whether the high levels of DHA and the link to prostate cancer risk is causative,” he said. “There is also no mention of prostate cancer prognosis which is an entirely different but important matter.” In 2011, a paper was published using data from the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial to show surprisingly a positive association between serum levels of the omega 3 DHA and aggressive prostate cancer, while also showing surprisingly an inverse relationship between trans fatty acids and prostate cancer.[1]

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