Blackmores Institute launches Natural Health Simplified podcast

Blackmores Institute launches Natural Health Simplified podcast

The appetite for practical natural healthcare information today is stronger than ever. To help people learn more about their health and wellbeing Blackmores Institute are proud to announce that we are launching a new podcast, Natural Health Simplified, aimed at providing consumers with practical tips and advice, in snack-sized portions.

In launching the podcast, Blackmores Institute Director Dr Lesley Braun observed that now more than ever people are hungry for information online.  However, she noted there is an ‘info-demic’, and people have been so overloaded with information that they are often not sure where to start. 

“Our pharmacy advisory board highlighted that in a busy pharmacy, pharmacists don’t always have the time to have an in-depth discussion about diet, lifestyle and nutritional choices.  

“They suggested people are looking for easy-to-digest, reliable information they can access while commuting or going for a walk. This is why we have developed the podcasts, in which both customers and healthcare professionals should find something useful,” said Dr Braun. 

The weekly podcast features Dr Lesley Braun and her team at Blackmores Institute where they discuss simple science-based strategies with actionable tips. The segments are around 10-15 minutes long and designed for easy listening whilst on-the-go. 

“With the current situation, there is great interest in natural approaches to supporting immune function, so this seemed to be the perfect place to start,” said Dr Braun. 

The podcast launches today with the first episode being one of four that will explore the “Immune Essentials”.  The series will feature the following topics:

• Superstar Nutrients 
• Do I need a supplement?
• Can herbs help? 
• Eat Yourself Healthy 

Future podcasts will feature seasonal issues such as coughs and colds, and discuss common queries such as ‘where’s the evidence’ and sorting fact from fiction. 

This is a first for Blackmores Institute, who have traditionally focused on information and resources for healthcare professionals only. The organisation felt it was time to extend access to the wider community, to support those interested in learning about evidence-based approaches to natural approaches to health.  

Listen now by accessing the podcast here: Natural Health Simplified – The Podcast, or by searching ‘Natural Health Simplified’ on Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts.


* Download the full infographic here: Natural Health Simplified - Immune Essentials Infographic.

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