Integrative approaches to joint and back pain management

MASTERCLASS: An Integrative approach to Pain Management

Blackmores Institute are pleased to announce that they will be running a new healthcare professional masterclass “An Integrative approach to Pain Management” in Perth and Adelaide this August.
The CPD accredited event is for pharmacists who have an interest in building their integrative prescribing base. Facilitated by pharmacist Bobby Mehta and naturopath Karen Latter, the evening masterclass will focus on three common pain presentations in pharmacy: joint pain, back pain and the management of migraine headache.
In light of the recent codeine up-schedule, pharmacy customers, now more than ever, are considering complementary medicines that offer an integrative approach for the management of acute and chronic pain.
Pharmacy customers expect their pharmacists to know about complementary medicines, to be able to make product recommendations based on their symptoms, while also providing information about their safety and efficacy. 
This masterclass will instruct pharmacists on an integrative approach to both acute and chronic pain management, which incorporates complementary medicines and focuses on a long term management rather than a quick pharmaceutical pain fix that often has associated side effects.
The masterclass will present an overview of back pain, joint pain and the management of migraine headache – including their presentations, and causes, before delving into how pain relief works, and how complementary medicines work to facilitate pain relief.
At this Masterclass, Blackmores Institute will share case studies with pharmacists that will help to get them practice ready, and be able to apply their new complementary medicines knowledge as soon as they are back in store.
By attending this Masterclass, pharmacists will learn how to: 
1. Identify the current complementary medicine options in pharmacy for the management of joint pain, back pain and the management of migraine headache
2. Construct an integrative approach to managing the conditions of joint pain, back pain and the management of migraine headache.
3. Demonstrate how to use the complementary medicines indicated for these common pain conditions.
These clinically focused evenings, hosted and delivered by Bobby Mehta and Karen Latter, will be interactive sessions, with a healthy dinner, and plenty of case studies and practical information to help pharmacists easily apply their new knowledge into their own practices.
Blackmores Institute “An Integrative Approach to Pain Masterclass” will be held in South Australia on Monday 27th August 2018, and Western Australia on Tuesday 28th August 2018.
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