Coq10 shows promise for patients with chronic heart failure

In the first double-blind trial to address the role of CoQ10 supplementation and improved survival in chronic heart failure (HF) patients, researchers investigated the effects of CoQ10 on patients’ symptoms, functional capacity, and biomarker status (NT-proBNP) and the long-term outcome with morbidity and mortality.[1] The trial involved a total of 422 HF patients in the New York Heart Association (NYHA) Class III or IV who were receiving pharmacologic therapy. Participants were randomly assigned in parallel groups to CoQ10 100 mg three times daily (N=202) versus placebo (N=218) and were followed over two years. Centres involved in the study were in Denmark, India, Austria, Poland, Slovak Republic, Sweden, Italy and Australia.  The primary endpoint was the first major adverse cardiovascular event (MACE) using a time to first event analysis. MACE parameters included: Unplanned hospitalisation due to worsening of HF Cardiovascular death Urgent cardiac transplant Mechanical support

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