coeliac disease

Coeliac Disease Awareness Week

In Australia, 1 in 70 adults have coeliac disease, however, 80% of these people remain undiagnosed.1,2 Coeliac disease affects both men and woman and may present at any age.3 Importantly, it accounts for 1 in 20 cases of iron deficiency in Australia.2 Worldwide, iron deficiency anaemia is present in approximately 40% or children and pregnant women and approximately 30% of non-pregnant women.4 Coeliac disease can by symptomatic or asymptomatic with identification of a nutritional deficiency (commonly iron) often preceding diagnosis.5

In acknowledgement of Coeliac Awareness Week 2022, Blackmores Institute would like to further Coeliac Australia’s work on raising the awareness of potential nutrient deficiencies in coeliac disease (CD).

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