CMEd program welcomes first Malaysian graduates

Over 400 Malaysian pharmacists were inducted as CMEd Accredited Pharmacists on 28th April 2018 during the 51st Annual General Meeting of the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society.
The CMEd program (short for Complementary Medicine Education) was developed by Blackmores Institute and the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) after identifying a need for reliable, complementary medicines education for pharmacists.
Demands for complementary medicines as part of preventive health and wellness care are rising.  Malaysian consumers expect Community pharmacists, as frontline healthcare professionals, to provide expert advice on appropriate products. This means taking into account safety and efficacy, patients’ needs and interests. 
A recent survey, conducted by Taylors University of community pharmacists in Malaysia showed that the majority of them did not have robust knowledge about this category, and that 94% of pharmacists wanted to know more about complementary medicines. The pharmacy practice project was supported by a practice grant from Blackmores Institute to not only determine Malaysian pharmacists needs, but also compare this with pharmacists from Australia and other parts of Asia,
As a result of identifying demonstrated need and interest, Blackmores Institute and the MPS developed CMEd – a structured learning program consisting of 6 online modules, a face-to-face Masterclass session with case studies and assessments in a CPD approved curriculum. 
The objective of CMEd is to improve pharmacists’ knowledge and confidence when advising about complementary medicines. The program includes a comprehensive review of vitamins, minerals, nutritional oils and herbal medicines together with case studies developed by pharmacists for pharmacists.
Over 400 pharmacists were inducted as CMed Accredited pharmacists after successfully completing all of the online modules and face-to-face Masterclass sessions at the graduation ceremony to commemorate their achievement. Over 200 more have registered and are part-way through the course. 
“I am very proud of the achievement of Malaysian pharmacists on completing the CMEd program.  Through CMEd we hope that not only pharmacists are seen as experts in conventional medicines, but also in complementary medicines and can provide their patients with informed advice ,” said Dr. Lesley Braun, Group Director of Blackmores Institute.  
“This collaboration with the MPS is bringing the first structured blended learning to Malaysian pharmacists.  I look forward to developing further collaborations to continue supporting these CMEd accredited pharmacists in practicing integrative healthcare in their pharmacies,” added Braun.
Mr. Amrahi Bin Buang, President of MPS, echoes similar sentiments.  “It is important for pharmacists to have an overall view of medicines – both conventional and complementary – that their patients and customers are taking.  Pharmacists who are able to harness the beneficial interactions between the two are enabling their patients and customers to manage their health better.  The CMEd program helps to build competency in complementary medicine, so it is a good thing.” 
“Instead of going to the internet and finding conflicting information, consumers can ask CMEd Accredited Pharmacists and have confidence in their capabilities,” said Bobby Mehta, Pharmacist Educator and Trainer at Blackmores Institute, and Master Trainer of CMEd Masterclass. “I am very pleased to be part of this journey to elevate pharmacist profession and contribute to public health of all Malaysians,” he added.

To find out more about CMEd, watch the video below.

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