Cm in brief new research from the past fortnight 6

Multivitamin link to lower risk of colon cancer in women Women who use multivitamins may have a lower risk of colorectal adenoma, a large US study shows. The long-term prospective study, published in the British Journal Of Cancer–Nature,  documented 2277 colorectal adenoma cases and found that reporting multivitamin use at any time during the study period compared with never reporting its use was associated with a 14% reduced risk of adenoma. Although there was no linear trend in duration of multivitamin use, women who had used multivitamins for over 20 years were 20% less likely to develop an adenoma, the authors from the Harvard School of Medicine found. The strongest associations (years of use vs never user) were for size of adenoma - where multivitamin use for over four years was linked to a 25% reduction in the risk of developing a large adenoma ( 1 cm) – and, perhaps surprisingly, women who reported alcohol use ( 1.4 g per day) also had a decreased risk.

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