B Complex for Stress

B Complex Vitamins | Fundamental Prescribing for Stress Management

Practice Points

  • B vitamins can be used therapeutically to address a range of stress states
  • Select a high-dose vitamin B complex or a multivitamin and mineral supplement
  • Evidence suggests that doses beyond the recommended daily intake (RDI) may be required for therapeutic benefit in stress
  • The general approach is to use B vitamins in combination for stress rather a single B vitamin supplement – in combination they complement one another
  • Effects become apparent within one month of use

Stress is an inevitable part of being human, as we are continually engaging in responses to either perceived or actual threats to our internal balance, known as homeostasis.1,2 These threats, termed stressors, can be either physiological or psychological, with the stress response able to be triggered by anything from changes in temperature to being stuck in traffic.3 According to the 2015 Australian Psychological Society (APS) Stress and Wellbeing Survey, the top stressors impacting individuals include financial, health and family issues, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and concern over the health of loved ones.4

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