Blackmores Institute Asia Symposia

Blackmores Institute Asia Symposia: Women’s health, native herbs

Blackmores Institute has been educating pharmacists across Asia in the past weeks – with three symposia being held throughout Thailand and Vietnam.

Over 600 people participated in the face-to-face trainings, at the three sold-out events.

The first event, held in Bangkok was the 4th symposia Blackmores Institute has presented in Thailand. Over 280 delegates attended the full-day ‘Complementary Medicine in Pharmacy Practice – Research Update & Application’ themed symposium, which was co-convened with Rangsit University.

Attendees enjoyed keynote presentations from:

  • Dr Lesley Braun, Blackmores Institute Director on Healthy ageing
  • Dr Sirirat Tunpichart, President Community Pharmacy Association of Thailand
  • Dr Thirasa Weerasamai, Gynecologist on Women’s Health (Head of Anti-ageing and Happy Life Centre, Women's Centre Phyathai)
  • Dr Supawan Bunrathep, Academic at Rangsit University on Role of Complementary Medicines in pharmacy

A highlight of the Thai symposium was the inaugural Thai CMEd graduation ceremony. Blackmores Institute’s Bobby Mehta and Monitar Tan presented a face-to-face CMEd Masterclass in the afternoon to CMEd students, allowing them to complete the final course component. A total of 50 Thai pharmacists became CMEd accredited and were presented with their white CMEd coats at the ceremony.

Dr. Sirirat Tanpachart, President Community Pharmacy Association of Thailand discussed the new drug law which requires that every pharmacy have a pharmacist in the store. She spoke to the delegates about the importance of pharmacists being more active in the safe and appropriate use of medicines, but emphasised that they must also be knowledgeable about food, supplements and herbs – as these are the options that patients use to take care of themselves besides medications.

“With the increasing use of natural medicine in prevention of illness and promoting well-being it is vital that our industry remains at the forefront of knowledge on the evidence, efficacy, safety and quality of natural medicine, along with its effective integration with conventional medicine.  We believe in knowledge sharing that will spread out to more pharmacists, healthcare professions and health authorities with the ambition that this knowledge will help change people’s lives in a healthier, more holistic way,” said Pussadee Suchitchon, Blackmores Country Manager Thailand & Vietnam.

In Vietnam, Blackmores Institute presented two inaugural symposia, ‘Integrating evidence-based complementary medicines into everyday practice’. Keynote presentations included:

  • Dr Lesley Braun, Blackmores Institute - Safety & Quality of Complementary Medicines
  • Dr.Tran Hung, Pharmacy Academic, Medicine & Pharmacy University - Ho Chi Minh - Vietnamese Medicinal Plants
  • Dr. Thien Thuong, Ministry of Health, Department of Pharmaceutical analysis and standardisation - Research and Development of Vietnamese Medicinal Plants

The first event was held in Ho Chi Minh City and co-convened with the University of Medicine & Pharmacy, Vietnam.  A mixture of over 210 academics, lecturers, regulators and pharmacists attended the sold-out event.

The second symposium held in Hanoi, also co-convened with University of Medicine & Pharmacy, Vietnam with over 130 delegates in attendance, including the President of the Pharmacy Association of Vietnam.

“In Vietnam, we strongly believe in the ongoing need for evidence-based education to support the quality use of complementary medicine in pharmacy practice. As an industry leader, it is our duty to share the knowledge, and Blackmores Institute is our academic and professional arm established to support and drive an evidence-based approach to natural medicine. I am so pleased to see that both were stimulating and informative events and that reflect our mission of ‘Sharing Knowledge, Changing Lives,” stated Suchitchon.

For more information about the CMEd program click here, or contact [email protected].

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