An interview with blackmores institute symposium keynote speaker con stough

Professor Con Stough is Co-Director at the Swinburne University Centre for Human Psychopharmacology which houses 10 academic staff and 30 PhD students, and has published over 100 publications on clinical trials using vitamins, herbal supplements, pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs across several populations and clinical disorders such as Major Depression, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Cognitive Impairment and ADHD. Professor Stough has received more than 15 ARC and NHMRC grants over the last 12 years and has more than 200 peer review publications. He is currently undertaking two clinical trials in conjunction with Blackmores, investigating the effects of a new anti-oxidant formulation on cognitive and brain function in healthy aged adults, and a Vitamin B formulation for work stress in busy and stressed out Australian workers.

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