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Effect of aerobic exercise on hippocampal volume
07 December 2018

Exercise protects mental agility

Taking part in physical activity may be doing more than strengthening your bones and benefitting your cardiovascular health, it could be protecting your mental agility.

Vitamin D levels and cardiorespiratory fitness
05 December 2018

Vitamin D benefits cardiorespiratory fitness

Getting out and about in the sunshine is not only going to increase your levels of vitamin D, but that vitamin D could benefit your cardiorespiratory fitness, the European Journal ...

Lutein positively associated with physical activity
03 December 2018

Lutein levels influence physical activity

Want to do more physical activity but can’t get off the couch? According to researchers from the University of Adelaide, increasing your levels of lutein could be the key to ...

Blackmore Foundations record $10m gift to Southern Cross University
28 November 2018

Blackmore Foundation's record $10m gift to Southern Cross University

One of Australia’s leading figures in naturopathic medicine, Marcus Blackmore AM, together with his wife, Caroline, has made a record $10 million personal donation to Southern Cross University.

type 2 diabetes risk and diet
28 November 2018

Dietary influences on diabetes development

Two recent clinical trials have assessed the influence of meat, egg and dairy consumption on the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The results may surprise some – with meat ...

Blackmores Institute wins Best eLearning Program award
27 November 2018

Blackmores Institute wins Best eLearning Program award

Blackmores Institute proudly accepted the Australian Institute of Training and Development’s National Training Excellence Award for Best eLearning Program award this week, for their Blackmores Superkids® online course.

Omega-3 and healthy ageing
27 November 2018

Omega-3 improves healthy ageing

The secret to healthy ageing may, in part, be linked to consuming an extra serving of fish each week, new research published in BMJ has reported.

Dietary fibre intake and reduced risk of ovarian cancer
26 November 2018

Increased fibre reduces ovarian cancer risk

Authors of a new meta-analysis are calling for further studies on dietary fibre and ovarian cancer following results showing a significant inverse dose-response association between fibre intake and ovarian cancer ...