Karen Latter Naturopath, Nutritionist & Herbalist

Karen Latter

Healthcare Professional Educator and Trainer

Karen is a naturopath, nutritionist & herbalist who joined the Blackmores Institute as an educator and trainer for health care professionals in 2017.

Karen has worked in clinical practice since 2006 currently practicing at Northern beaches health & fertility in Fairlight. Specialising in women’s health and natural fertility management.

Karen’s education experience includes working as a senior lecturer in nutrition at Endeavour College of Natural Health where she lectured in weight management in health & disease as well as supervising the nutrition and naturopathic students in clinical practicum. She also taught naturopathic philosophy and herbal medicine.

She has given wellness seminars and cooking classes to a corporate audience as well as presented to the general public on various health topics. In addition, Karen has a marketing and corporate communications background. Working in the natural medicine industry for the last decade focusing on health care professional marketing and education.