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About Us

Dr Lesley Braun, Director

Director of the Blackmores Institute and Adjunct Senior Research fellow at Monash/Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, Associate Professor at the National Institute of Complementary Medicine Western Sydney University, Lesley is a pharmacy graduate from Monash University and a qualified naturopath.

She is a member of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Advisory Council which advises the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA),  Executive committee for the Complementary and Integrative Medicine interest group for the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia (COSA), Advisory Committee for the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA), member of the International Society for Complementary Medicine Research and several working groups for the National Institute for Complementary Medicine (NICM).

Pam Stone 2016Pam Stone, Director, Educational Partnerships

Pam joined Blackmores in 1987, having found a company that shared her naturopathic values and vision, and that was driven by integrity and purpose to make people healthier. Her career with the company has spanned the Advisory, Public Relations and Education areas and she has lectured extensively to health professionals in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Her role now includes managing educational partnerships as part of the Blackmores Institute vision to facilitate delivery of quality and accessible Complementary Medicine education to healthcare professionals. A naturopath for over 30 years, she sees that education is key to enabling healthcare professionals to effectively integrate complementary medicine into patient care.

Chris Oliver 2016Chris Oliver, Research Director 

Chris has a strong healthcare background having studied agriculture, nutrition and public health. He has a keen interest in integrative medicine, body composition and ageing, and meta-analysis. Chris' career has spanned private practice, academia, clinical trials, and in industry research and development. His role at Blackmores Institute is to offer the team deeper insights into complementary medicine research, with a particular expertise on clinical trials and their design and interpretation.


Laura Macfarlane 2016
Laura Macfarlane, Editor and Senior Writer

Laura is a journalist with a background in health and medical writing and a keen interest in integrative medicine and holistic healthcare. Laura has worked for Reuters Health (New York City); NPS Medicinewise (National Prescribing Service); Reed Business Information (articles published in Specialist Updates newsletters and also Australian Doctor). At Blackmores Institute, Laura is responsible for keeping members up to date with the latest research into complementary medicine sourced in peer-reviewed journals, via both the Institute’s website and a weekly email newsletter.

Tiffany ElvyTiffany Elvy, Communications Manager

Tiffany is a communications professional with a passion for natural health and more than 15 years experience supporting the fields of health, nutrition, sport, and wellbeing. 

As communications manager, Tiffany works with Blackmores Institute’s team to develop credible, evidence-based natural health information to share with the wider community of healthcare professionals and researchers. This includes major education events, such as the Blackmores Institute Symposium, media relations and liaison with research bodies and partners, including the National Institute of Complementary Medicine, Macular Disease Foundation and Heart Research Institute.

Leonie Regan 2016 Leonie Regan, Manager, Blackmores Advisory Service 

Leonie is a naturopath with 30 years’ experience. Her 13-year career at Blackmores has spanned the Education and Advisory areas, leading to her current role of the Advisory Service Manager, where she leads a team of 12 naturopaths and a pharmacist advisors who take over 30,000 enquiries a year. This service also incorporates the Healthcare Professional Support Service, which takes enquiries from a range of health professionals on issues such as medicine interactions and drug/herb/nutrient co-prescribing. Prior to his Leonie oversaw development and delivery of Blackmores online education, launching a range of programs and building this area to support health professional users. As a Blackmores health trainer and educator, she has also lectured in complementary medicine to a range of audiences.

Leonie believes in supporting the quality use of Complementary Medicine by making evidence-based information in the area easily accessible to both consumers and health care providers.

Meralda Bateman Meralda Bateman, Education Manager

Meralda is a naturopath with qualifications management, community pharmacy and education. She began her career in this area as a pharmacy assistant and quickly developed an abiding interest in the complementary medicines sector, deciding then to become a naturopath.

Meralda is passionate about disseminating knowledge in the area of complementary medicines by supporting health professionals and pharmacy assistants stay up to date with the latest scientific evidence and best practice guidelines.

Dr Michael Dodson, Medical Director, Blackmores and Blackmores Institute

Dr Michael Dodson is Medical Director at Blackmores and is an adjunct associate professor at the National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM).

Michael graduated from medicine at the University of Melbourne and has completed a PhD and masters degrees in public health and health management.

Michael has extensive experience in the regulation and evaluation of complementary and non-prescription medicines. He has been influential in the development of National policy around complementary medicines regulation and has represented Australia at a International Regulatory and World Health Organization fora. He has also been an important contributor to the development of medical schools at Deakin University and The University of Notre Dame. 

Our history

Blackmores spearheaded the natural health industry in Australia. The company's founder, Maurice Blackmore, was a naturopath whose life's journey sought to provide natural health solutions to people. Maurice developed some of the first naturopathic products in the country, opened one of Australia’s first health food stores and naturopathic clinics, published the first consumer and industry journals and established the nation’s first naturopathic education facility.

Maurice Blackmore established a number of educational bodies. To honour and continue his work, the Maurice Blackmore Research Foundation (MBRF) was established in 1983 as a research-oriented educational institution.  The Foundation’s initial communiqué noted, “it would have been Maurice Blackmore’s unselfish wish that the outcome of research and education undertaken by the Foundation should benefit the community as a whole and we see the Foundation as being largely the extension of his visions.”

The Foundation’s first project was to host an International Symposium of Nutritional Therapy in Sydney.  This was followed by a number of research papers presented at a second symposium. In 1985 the Foundation turned its focus to research studies. During 1986 the MBRF funded one of Australia’s first naturopathic research teams. 

Blackmores has continued to set the standard in natural medicine, combining the best of nature and science to deliver products that help people achieve optimum health. Now our goal is to take knowledge about the natural health industry to the next level, with the development of Blackmores Institute.

This website

This website ( is our online platform for Australian and New Zealand healthcare professionals to receive news, updates and articles related to our activities and on other topics related to the natural health and wellbeing and the quality use of natural medicines.  Healthcare professionals can also participate in online discussion and sign up to our research and education initiatives.

The information on this website is intended for Australian and New Zealand healthcare professionals only and is not intended for the general public.  Consumers needing healthcare advice should talk to their healthcare professional.


Blackmores Institute functions as the research and education division of Blackmores Limited, one of Australia’s leading natural health product companies.

Blackmores Institute is a part of Blackmores but is independent at heart. We are set up as a platform to provide an evidence-based approach to complementary medicine.

We recognise that in some cases, the work we do will have an impact on the commercial side of the business. Notwithstanding, our activities will, at all times, withstand public and professional scrutiny and conform to professional and community standards of ethics and good taste.

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