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About Us

Our history

Blackmores was a pioneer of the natural health industry in Australia. Maurice Blackmore was a naturopath whose life journey was to provide natural health solutions to people. Maurice developed some of the first naturopathic products in the country, opened one of Australia’s first health first stores and naturopathic clinics, published the first consumer and industry journals and established the nation’s first naturopathic education facility.

Maurice Blackmore established a number of educational bodies. To honour and continue his work, the Maurice Blackmore Research Foundation (MBRF) was established in 1983 as a research-oriented educational institution.  The Foundation’s initial communiqué noted, “it would have been Maurice Blackmore’s unselfish wish that the outcome of research and education undertaken by the Foundation should benefit the community as a whole and we see the Foundation as being largely the extension of his visions.”

The Foundation’s first project was to host an International Symposium of Nutritional Therapy in Sydney.  This was followed by a number of research papers presented at a second symposium. In 1985 the Foundation turned its focus to research studies. During 1986 the MBRF funded one of Australia’s first naturopathic research teams. 

Blackmores has continued to set the standard in natural medicine, combining the best of nature and science to deliver products that help people achieve optimum health. Now our goal is to take knowledge about the natural health industry to the next level, with the development of Blackmores Institute.

This website

This website ( is our online platform for Australian and New Zealand healthcare professionals to receive news, updates and articles related to our activities and on other topics related to the natural health and wellbeing and the quality use of natural medicines.  Healthcare professionals can also participate in online discussion and sign up to our research and education initiatives.

The information on this website is intended for Australian and New Zealand healthcare professionals only and is not intended for the general public.  Consumers needing healthcare advice should talk to their healthcare professional.


Blackmores Institute functions as the research and education division of Blackmores Limited, one of Australia’s leading natural health product companies.

Blackmores Institute is a part of Blackmores but is independent at heart. We are set up as a platform to provide an evidence-based approach to complementary medicine.

We recognise that in some cases, the work we do will have an impact on the commercial side of the business. Notwithstanding, our activities will, at all times, withstand public and professional scrutiny and conform to professional and community standards of ethics and good taste.

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