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alcoholic gut bacteria
  • Vitamin A link in treatment of alcoholic liver disease

    The future development of novel treatments for alcoholic liver disease may focus on counteracting alcohol's effect on vitamin A levels in the liver, new research suggests.

  • Profile on Blackmores Institute Symposium 2015 speaker: Professor Peter Howe

    Peter Howe, PhD is Professor of Nutrition Research and Director of the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre at the University of Newcastle and an Adjunct Professor at both the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia. He will present at the Blackmores Institute's second symposium in Melbourne this October.

  • Cranberry supplements can prevent lower urinary tract infections

    According to the latest in a growing evidence base for the use of cranberry extracts in preventing lower urinary tract infections, an Italian study has shown people taking cranberry extracts once a day for 60 days had a reduction in frequency and length of episodes and a lower requirement for medical consultation.


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