Research & Partnerships

Blackmores Institute works with some of Australia’s best education and research bodies and supports a wide range of complementary medicine research. We work in partnership with some of the best education and research organisations in Australia and throughout Asia and we support a wide-range of complementary medicine research.

Our research team is made up of leaders in the field of complementary medicine. The team works together to translate nutritional and herbal medicine research into practical healthcare solutions that you can use in your daily practice.

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Our Research Team

Dr Lesley Braun

Dr Lesley Braun is the Director of Blackmores Institute and leads our research team. A qualified naturopath, and pharmacist, Lesley is widely respected within the industry and serves on several complementary medicine bodies and advisory committees. More... 

Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver is the Research Director at Blackmores Institute. With a background in healthcare, nutrition and public health, Chris’ expertise and insights drive our clinical trials. More...