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  • ValarieMalka

    Should universities teach alternative medicine?

    For more than 10,000 years, natural therapies have been used, while conventional medicine is but 100 years old. They deserve the recognition universities have given them as they have healing modalities and benefits proven by credible and peer-reviewed research.

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  • Lesley Braun

    Want to create evidence in CM? Here’s a few of the barriers you’ll have to get around

    Anyone who has tried will tell you that securing the funding to get a clinical trial up and running is fraught with obstacles at the best of times let alone if it’s to study something in the area of complementary medicine.

    Dr Lesley Braun, Director of the Blackmores Institute and Adjunct Associate Professor at the National Institute of Complementary Medicine at the University of Western Sydney, writes on the many barriers faced by those in CM research and how to overcome them and give your trial legs.

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  • Chris Oliver

    The gastrointestinal “solar system”

    Two revolutions are simultaneously occurring – both augur profound consequences for human health.

    Revolution one is that of ‘omics’  - the English-language neologism which informally refers to any field of study in biology ending in that suffix – as in genomics, proteomics or metabolomics.  

    The second, but most important of the two, is the revolution of the gastrointestinal flora – THE GUT MICROBIOME.

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  • Professor Stephen Myers

    Critical Nutrients in Pregnancy

    The first in a series of editorials that will explore the role of nutrients in pregnancy.

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  • Dr Mark Donohoe

    Delightful D

    The recent Royal College of Pathologists of Australia (RCPA) position statement [1] highlighting the massive increase in vitamin D testing requested by doctors in Australia [2] runs the risk of scaring doctors into inaction and failure to test appropriately to avoid Medicare scrutiny.

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