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  • Sarah Culverhouse

    Multivitamin supplements: evidence basis

    Media "healthscare" reports about multivitamins and cancer leave questions in the minds of healthcare professionals and consumers and can be misleading. The latest one was based on a single, unquestioned media release and apparently no actual scientific data.

    Educator and naturopath at Blackmores, Sarah Culverhouse, answers some important questions about these widely used products: Do multivitamin supplements have a role in supporting the health of Australians? Are they useful and are they safe?

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  • Chris Oliver

    Fish oils – Do they really work?

    The use of fish oil, once synonymous with cardiovascular health, has come under intense scrutiny of late, with some negative clinical trials and systematic reviews.  What could be the possible reasons for these findings?

    Chris Oliver puts forward some plausible answers.

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  • Chris Oliver

    The curly issue of selenium and prostate cancer

    In 1996 the Nutritional Prevention of Cancer Study’s (NPCS) positive findings concerning selenium and cancer was published generating great interest.  Given the good results seen in prostate cancer in the earlier trial, a larger prostate cancer specific trial was designed.  

    The now infamous, Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial (SELECT) published in 2005, looked at, not only selenium, but a combination of selenium and vitamin E, would prove beneficial in the armamentarium to prevent this insidious disease.  

    But the high hopes for the SELECT trial were dashed when the results were published showing not only a null effect, but potentially an adverse effect, particularly with the combination of low blood selenium levels and vitamin E supplementation.

    What went wrong?  The easy answer is nothing and everything.

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  • Julie-Anne Atkinson

    A natural medicine approach to pregnancy

    Many of the 3,000 enquiries received each month by the Blackmores Advisory Service relate to preconception and pregnancy care. The following pregnancy health advice is recommended by Blackmores' team of Advisory Naturopaths.

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  • Lesley Braun

    Complementary medicines: The evidence is food for thought

    Articles that proclaim there is no evidence behind complementary medicine are not only wrong but also confusing, especially when they are written by academics that have access to many scientific databases, writes Dr Lesley Braun PhD, Director of Blackmores Institute.

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