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Vision & Mission Statements

Blackmores Institute has been established with the purpose of becoming a centre of excellence in the field of natural health research and education. It brings together the best minds, knowledge and evidence, and is dedicated to sharing this knowledge with the wider community of healthcare professionals, researchers, industry and consumers.

This includes:
-Research funding
-Systematic reviews on natural medicines
-Prescribing guidelines
-Research symposia and conferences
-Research updates
-Education programs

Over 70 per cent of Australians regularly take complementary medicines. These products have become an important part of our daily health regime.  Blackmores’ high quality products, free naturopathic advisory service and award-winning website are among the many reasons Blackmores is the most trusted name in natural health. As the most trusted vitamin and supplement brand Blackmores has a responsibility to provide high quality, evidence-based information about natural health, not only to our consumers, but to everyone who has a role in helping people achieve and maintain optimum health.

Our purpose

We believe:
That in Nature itself lies the solution to many of life’s problems;
That good health is the result of fresh food, fresh air, exercise, a positive mental attitude and where necessary; drugless dietary supplementation;
That the body is programmed by Nature to heal itself. Given adequate resources to repair the damage caused by tissue breakdown; and
That the growing incidence of stress-related problems can be best remedied by adherence to natural laws.
Maurice Blackmore (1906 – 1977)

Blackmores Institute will continue to build on Maurice Blackmore’s vision to grow the knowledge base of natural health, and the acceptance of the usage of Nature and our own body as healing entities.

As an industry leader, quality will underpin everything we do. Blackmores Institute will be a centre of excellence in the generation, gathering and sharing of knowledge about natural health and wellbeing, and the promotion of the quality use of natural medicines. We will do this by funding and collaborating with best-practice Integrative Medicine practitioners and researchers to further the boundaries of knowledge in natural health. We will partner with leading educators to develop and deliver the knowledge and truth of the benefits and limitations of the use of natural medicine. We will bring the best minds together to address the health issues of today and tomorrow. We will share all that we learn to help people understand and achieve the best of health. We will be the authoritative voice for complementary medicine in Australia and New Zealand.

2016 Blackmores Institute Symposium

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